Riding Arena Surfaces

For most people, building a riding arena is one of the biggest and most expensive projects they are likely to undertake, it is therefore essential, that the end result is an arena of quality that you can use with confidence, whatever the weather.

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Exclusive to Jackson Arenas, the STARTRAK rubber surface has been installed on over 4,000 arenas and gallops by both trade and private customers.

A graded specification, arrived at by over 35 years experience as both competitors and arena construction specialists. An idea material when added to existing surfaces, reduces evaporation, prevents freezing, kickback and arena maintenance.

  • Indoor and Outdoor riding arenas
  • Gallops
  • Resurfacing
  • Repairs and refurbishments
  • Supply Materials
  • Top ups


We only use a specific type of specialist silica sand for arena surfaces. The correct sand is critical. The sand promotes effective drainage and sound compaction, all sand is washed and graded.

All sands will perform better with moisture. Throughout prolonged dry spells it’s advised that you water the sand. This, with the addition of the rubber chip or fibre, will improve firmness, and the performance of the sand. All newly laid Silica Sand surfaces will require a period of settling before performing at their best although this process can be sped up by watering.


Fibremix is a pre-mixed riding arena surface. Due to its easy installation and excellent stability, Fibremix is a popular choice for those looking to upgrade from a non-mixed surface. This surface requires occasional irrigation. Fibremix is manufactured using a sophisticated computer controlled mixing plant ensuring an even and consistent surface. Fibremix has its fibre mixed right through the full depth of the surface. This gives the surface superior stability.

The resulting surface gives far greater stability and reduces the likelihood of the fibre migrating during dry conditions. Mixed with silica sand, the fibres create a durable, root-like structure so the horse can move without difficulty over the arena surface, rather than channelling through it. Fibremix provides riders with stability, cushioning and secure footing.


Is a premium blended synthetic stabiliser, made from polypropylene and polyester fibres which will dramatically improve the stability and performance of any arena, whether this is incorporating with a new surface or old tired surface. Its primary aim is to alleviate a deep riding sand school, using the strong synthetic will enhance the life expectancy of any surface.

Increased cushion and flexibility is created within the root structure of the surface adding more energy and making it an ideal additive for those wishing a firmer more compact surface especially suited to jumping and commercial applications. The natural properties of the fibres provides excellent cushioning for ligaments and relives stress on the muscles and joints.

Improves moisture retention in surface, giving greater elasticity, Maintains excellent hoof grip and surface energy, High performance sure footed surface, Increased comfort and minimising fatigue, Premium quality, premier products are guaranteed 100% synthetic
Do not confuse this fibre with budget or economy fibres, these are specifically blended fibres.


This surface is designed for maximum performance, with stability and exceptional energy return.

Developed to provide high performance, stability and durability, a fibrewax surface offers a quality, cost-effective surface for any arena that needs to withstand a lot of use – from private yards to liveries and riding schools.

A waxed, blended silica sand and Fibre surface, the ‘root structure’ of Fibrewax surface gives security underfoot and energy return, while benefitting from having a far greater resistance to frost than an un-waxed surface.

A waxed, blended silica sand and Fibre surface, the ‘root structure’ of Fibrewax surface gives security underfoot and energy return, while benefitting from having a far greater resistance to frost than an un-waxed surface.

  • Dust free
  • Secure footing
  • High resistance to frost
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Eco-friendly recycled synthetic fibre

This high-quality all-purpose surface is ideal for arenas that need to withstand a lot of riding, across all disciplines. Unlike sand or rubber, Fibrewax doesn’t pack down when wet, deteriorate over time or become uneven to work on, resulting in a high-performance, multi-purpose surface, in all weathers.