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“We received our delivery of STARTRAK rubber on Friday as promised. The driver was excellent... all went very smoothly. The quality and consistency of the rubber was excellent,we felt it was the best of all the samples we had seen.”

An unsolicited testamonial from Mr Matthew, Woodmere Livery Yard, Worcs.

“We added STARTRAK and turned an unusable, compacted arena into a superb surface - 100 horses jumping in one day - no problem”

Melanie Evans, Broadacre Equesrian Centre, Somerset.

startrak rubber surface

Installed on over 3,000 arenas and gallops by both trade and private customers.

STARTRAK is produced exclusively for equestrian use.

A graded specification, arrived at by over 20 years, as both competitors and arena construction specialists. STARTRAK is dust extracted and washed.

An ideal material which when added to existing surfaces, reduces evaporation, kickback and manege maintenance. Spreading service available.

• Eco-friendly
• Frost resistant
• Anti-slip
• Supportive yet springy

STARTRAK Rubber Fibre is Only £65 per ton plus delivery and VAT.

We can arrange haulage by 6 wheeler tipping lorries carrying up to 16T or by articulated lorries carrying up to 29T.

An average 20 x 40M arena with 100 - 120mm (4 - 5”) of sand requires 20T to give a layer of approximately 40 - 50mm (2”) deep.

Let us know whether delivery is to be by 6 wheeler, 8 wheeler or artic lorry and we will forward a written quotation with a price which includes the delivery. Delivery can usually be arranged within one week.

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sand school
Sand surface without STARTRAK rubber.

startrak rubber surface
STARTRAK rubber absorbs impact of hoof reducing movement of sand.

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